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Tips To Finding Cheap Flights


Frugal travellers often lookout for tips on finding cheap flights. These tips are some of the best kept secret among travel specialists. We all know that airfares are usually the most expensive part of travelling and most of us are after the cheapest flight deal we can find.

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How To Choose A Travel Destination


It is a very tricky decision to choose a travel destination because there are just so many places to visit, so many things to do. Budget, interest and time will most likely play a part in the decision making process but with so many amazing places in the world, how do you whittle it down?


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Savings And Budget

10 Ways To Stick To Your Travel Budget


You have saved enough and now you are ready to start that holiday vacation you’ve always dreamt about . The research has been done, flights are booked, and you’re finally living the dream! But the hard part is far from over, Trust me, it is just not that easy. Here are 10 ways to stick to your travel budget.


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Getting Cheap Hotel Rate

Tips To Getting A Cheaper Hotel Rate


So what are the secrets to paying cheap when next you book a room, well its really simple. Follow this steps next time and you never have to worry about paying higher room rate than others


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5 Frustrating Mistakes To Avoid While Planning A Trip


Even the most meticulously planned trip can be subject to mistakes, but with a little insider know-how, you can avoid making these common mistakes. Stick to the guidelines below, and you’re more likely to have a trip that’s memorable not for lost luggage and rushed sightseeing, but for the thrill of discovering a new place and savoring it.


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Immerse Yourself in new culture

4 Ways To Immerse Yourself In A New Culture


Here are 4 ways to immerse yourself in a new culture that can make your visit to a host country, life changing for you. I think the best travel experiences happen when you open up and really engage with a foreign culture. Even though it is easier said than done, it never hurt to see other cultures from a different and completely new angle

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plan your trip

10 Easy Steps To Plan A Hassle-Free Trip


Planning a long trip can be a daunting task. It’s quite easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning, especially when you haven’t planned such a trip before. Planning appropriately will ensure that you and your family or friends enjoy a hassle-free trip.

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