Check out these travel tips on baby packing essentials when travelling with a baby. Although, babies may be the smallest member of the family, they definitely need the most stuff when travelling. You might be surprised by how many essentials you need to pack for your baby. Never worry, because the article below covers just that. The most frequently asked question when packing essential items for babies are: What are the baby packing essentials to make our journey enjoyable and stress-free?
Below are some baby packing suggestions that will save you space and help babies feel at home. These baby packing essentials and tips also keep them settled, they make your travel or vacation as enjoyable as possible.

Baby in a Crib


The key to happy travel with a baby is packing all the essentials. This is why it is advisable to get a checklist of things you need when travelling with a baby such as:
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Towels might seem like a basic thing everyone should know, but I can assure you that not many people consider it essential. A baby’s skin is highly sensitive, so use high quality towels and wash clothes for them.Please don’t make the mistake of taking any towel along with you on a trip with your baby. There are some travel towels that are not advisable to use for your baby, especially microfiber towels that are not fast-drying. They eventually end up smelly and damp at the bottom of your bag. It is best to carry cotton towels. These cotton towels are absorbent, fast-drying and lightweight. No joy in lugging your baby around a heavy towel when you go to the beach.


Arguably important is the need to make use of a comfortable baby carrier/strollers, because they are a great way to ensure your baby’s comfort. It’s important to make sure that during travel, your baby is very comfortable with sturdy back support. If not, they will get fussy and irritable. No need breaking a bank for a carrier/stroller but its important to look for really good and durable ones. Wearing your baby can also help calm them. It allows you to free your arm and gives firm support for your back. It might seem like extra load, but carrying a stroller is really essential because you don’t want to be carrying your baby on your laps while eating or resting on the beach. You can safely free them also by sitting them in a pushchair/ stroller. It is great to have them sit in their own chair while you stroll with them, that way your baby can see what’s going on in his/her surrounding.


You really cannot underestimate how much comfort, your baby needs in other not to ruin your vacation. Pack on the breathable cotton wears, you need to take sweaters, hoods, socks,  disposable diapers, wipes, bibs, blankets and singlets, pyjamas and outing clothes. The tip to essential packing for baby’s clothes is to consider your chosen destination and dress them suitably. For colder climate, pack essentials like warmer clothing and for warm or temperate regions, go with breathable and lighter clothing. Check 5 things to consider before travelling


Please carry along prescriptions and any other medication that is recommended for your baby. Place these medications in an easily accessible location in your carry-on luggage. Basic medications like Baby Panadol, Vitamin C, Mentholated Balm are commonly used. Attempt to get them based on your doctor’s recommendation. It is also advisable to bring along a thermometer to measure your baby’s temperature. Travel vaccination is one of the first things you need to consider when travelling to destinations with unique health concerns. Try checking the required vaccination for your chosen destination. For more on travel vaccinations, read my article on travel vaccination truths


Yeah! Babies and toys are 5&6, this is especially true when travelling with newborn babies in long distance journey. They need their toys to keep them busy and to pacify them when they are crying. So pack the essential toys for your baby, don’t take anything you know you won’t need. Singing toys are fantastic to hold their attention for a long time, while stuffed anima toys will no doubt pacify them while crying. A little teddy will do the magic if they are finding it hard to sleep. These important packing essentials will help create a seamless and stress-free journey for you and your baby.
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This is essential for breastfeeding mothers as it gives them a bit of time off from feeding their babies in transit. When you’re travelling with a baby, especially air travel, the most important baby travel tip is to feed them during take off. This trick helps them swallow and equalize their ears as a result of the noise from the airplane. If it’s too cumbersome to breastfeed your baby in the plane, then it’s okay to express the milk beforehand and give the baby a bottle. Usually, a manual pump is recommended for travel as it’s smaller, lighter, and more discreet. Microwavable sterilizer bags are also very suitable to carry because they’re small and so easy to use when packing for baby travel. You can wash all your bottles and equipment in your hotel bathroom and then give the microwavable bag to a staff of the hotel to help you put in microwavable sterilizer bags(it is advisable to use yours) to sterilize.


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