Africa is unique when it comes to tourism because it’s potential is still untapped, particularly Western Africa region. The region seems to be gaining little traction, although the past 10 years has see greater improvement in infrastructures and efficient preservation of it’s historical heritage and specialty. Africa is truly a beautiful, safe and friendly place to visit.

Nigeria, which boast Africa’s largest economy, is therefore the place to be. Recent years has seen the tourism sector stepping up and rising up to the challenges. Majority of states in Nigeria is safe and friendly for foreigners, most locals are particularly enthusiastic to help foreigners with direction and majority can speak in basic or fluent English, particularly the youths. The cost of living is quite cheap and affordable. There are efficient transportation within the major cities like Lagos, Kano, Port-Harcourt, Calabar and Abuja.
Tourist are usually worried about Accomodation, Food, Transportation, Safety and Communication, but not to worry, below are resorts that clears every doubts and answer all your questions. There are many foreigners residing and working in Nigeria and most of their families are with them, with their children attending private schools that meet world standards and ranking.
Without much to say, let’s delve right in to the most luxurious and historically-rich resorts around Nigeria.
La campagne tropicana is a beautiful, well maintained and safety assured resort based in Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos, Nigeria. It’s suitable for tourists who wants to move away from the hustling and bustling of the city-centre. This tropical getaway is perfect for people who crave ocean view. La campagne tropicana is renowned for it’s impeccable African decor. Experience nature like never before and have a taste of well-cooked African and Continental dishes. The staff are fun and friendly with good command of English and French, they are also very attentive to cleanliness. The surrounding is well- maintained and tidy. I am sure you would enjoy every bit of the experience. Their facilities include but not limited to : Basketball Court, Water Volleyball Arena, Quad Biking, Swimming pool, Chalets, Dining area and a massage center. You can also request for a shuttle service from and to the airport.
This hotel truly represent the pride of Nigeria in its’ stylistically sophistication and historically abundance. It is situated in Akwa-Ibom, South-South region of Nigeria and one of the most peaceful places to live in Nigeria. This resort is a beauty on its own, equally magnificent sitting on a 174 hectares of land. The surrounding is peaceful and serene, just everything you need for a calm and hassle-free vacation. It boasts of a world class 18-hole golf course and fitness centre for the athlete-tourist, Swaggy Night Club for the Care-free tourist, Biking for the adventurous ones. There is definitely a bit of something for everyone regardless.  I would mostly recommend for families and couple on honeymoon. It is well guarded, clean and tidy, 24/7 electricity and Wifi, Airport shuttle service to and fro, Friendly and efficient customer service with good command of English. It is a stone throw from tourist attractions like museum, local art and craft shops, local souvenirs and markets to see how and where the locals shop, beach, and state university. They serve sumptuous local and international cuisines that are well reviewed by foreigners and locals.
Resorts In Nigeria
Le Meridien resort is definitely a fusion of local culture and international sophistication. It is located in Port, Harcourt, Rivers State, Southern part of Nigeria. It offers a very warm welcome to true Nigerian hospitality and spirit in the business district of the oil-rich Niger Delta region. You can watch a game of polo right at your window, without stepping out, while also enjoying comfort and sophistication of the 86 tastefully furnished rooms and suites.  The feature and activities of Le Meridien includes Hair Salon, Nail Bar, Fitness Center, Swimming Pool, 24/7 Concierge Service, 24 hour Wifi, Wheel Chair access and more. The hotel is safe and well guarded with the rooms having fire alarm and smoke detectors. There are also reliable and english speaking tour guides that would help you discover Port-Harcourt. head on to the website by clicking the hotel link above to get great deals directly from the hotel.
Come and experience African splendor like never before in this rich, soothing and comforting resort. The Whispering Palms Resort is an activity center that is situated on the bank of the Lagos Lagoon, at the outskirts of Lagos (Nigeria’s Economic Capital).  At Whispering Palms, you are assured of beholding the uncanny balance between rest and fun. Whispering Palms is always prepared to give you the break you just can’t get enough of. The surrounding is a symbol of natural beauty without man’s technological influence and you are sure to experience every bit of it to create life-long memories. It’s a whole new world free of artificial grandeur but in excess of nature’s own work of wonder. It is very safe and welcoming for tourist. The locals are arguably the most friendly in all of Nigeria, from one end to the other, you would probably be greeted in over 1000 times, yet the rich culture makes the boldest statement comprising of its slave trade artifacts, from the huge rusted ships used to convey slaves across the Atlantic, to the rooms they were kept, the castration and chains they were binded. To the locals, it’s not at all a sorry state, but rather a journey of victory over human wickedness and brotherhood betrayal. Whispering Palms is the place to be, boasting of tastefully furnished decor and with African prints and designs.The resort is home to different suites and chalets, mini-zoo of monkeys and various bird species, Mini Museum, Ocean view, Gymnasium, pool, Tennis Court and Bar. They offer 24/7 Wifi, Concierge Service and fine dining of array of cuisines.
Most parts of Nigeria is safe, most assuredly all the southern parts welcoming and offer comfort and warmth on every level.

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