Like every other travel specialist, I will say that you absolutely need Travel Insurance to cover you and your belongings in any case of theft, kidnapping or unforeseen accidents while travelling. Life is unpredictable, and you would never be able to ascertain what is likely to happen during the course of your journey.

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These are 5 likely circumstances that may arise while travelling, that you would need travel insurance to cover you.

  • Flight Cancellation: Nothing can be more frustrating than a flight delay or cancellation where you have to return home or even wait endless hours at the airport to secure another flight. It is even more frustrating if it’s late at night, but if you have a travel insurance then you can call your insurance company for help.

  • Loss of Baggage: Ofcourse we all dread losing our belongings especially the important documents, but your travel insurance helps cover situations like this. The insurance company will almost, always be at your rescue when such incidents happen.

  • Emergency Cash: I bet most people don’t realize that in a situation where their wallet and passport is missing, the insurance company can help them with emergency cash and also assist to replace the stolen passport.

  • Evacuation: You arrive at your destination and realize that there is a threat to your life probably as a result of natural disaster, terrorist incidents or other unforeseen circumstances. Your insurance company will assist in coordinating a fast evacuation back to a safe place.

  • Refund: The last thing you want to hear on a trip is that the Airline or Cruise Line you are travelling with is no longer in service probably as a result of bankruptcy. Who is going to refund your non-refundable expenses? Of course, it’s your insurance company.

We all know the above scenarios are inevitable while travelling, so it is really a good idea to use a travel guard.
Always choose a reliable Insurance Company with good reviews of customer satisfaction, but remember that getting the most out of your travel insurance is about having the right policy.
Here are quick tips to choosing the right insurance cover:


Be sure to know if your insurance covers all your destinations for those who are travelling to multiple destinations. Know what destinations it doesn’t cover.


It is essential that you know how much coverage you have and under what your medical cover applies. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you will also need to check ahead of time that this doesn’t exclude you from the insurance cover you want to buy. You should also have a clear idea of what excesses you will be required to pay before your medical cover kicks in.

Personal Belongings

Most travel insurance policies will provide some level of cover for you and your personal properties. The key lies in knowing how much you are covered for, and if this is enough to protect all your belongings. If not, you may want to get a new policy or think about upgrading for specific items.



Don’t assume that any valuable will automatically be covered by your insurance policy. Simple items like phones, cameras, sunglasses and jewelry are often excluded from the basic policy. Make sure you read the Disclosure Statement to know if your valuables are protected and under what circumstances you can make a claim.


It’s a mandatory part of any insurance policy. Please read the Disclosure Statement carefully before you purchase. It should give you a comprehensive view of what is not included in your cover. Take note of any specific events or items that are excluded from your policy, as well as any circumstances or situations that automatically mean your losses will be excluded.
Keep in mind that the above checklist is not meant to be a definitive list when you are deciding on which travel insurance is best suited for you. This is just to give you an idea of the areas you need to put in to consideration when determining and purchasing your policy.
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