The biggest surprise about overseas trip for first time traveler is the number of documents that are required. It is highly recommended making a list and checking it with your travel agent or an experienced friend or family member.

Your list of documents for overseas trip should include at least the following:


Visa(s) (if the country you are visiting requires it).


Vouchers for tours, hotels, transfers

Airline E-tickets

Travel insurance document and an emergency card with phone help numbers

Medical certificate from your doctor
* This should include your past medical history and details of your medications in case of an emergency health episode.

Medical prescriptions

Credit and other cards you may need to use.

Once you have your list and you have been given documents by your travel agent or travel provider, ensure to make three copies.

  • The first one is for you to use as you go on your trip.
  • The second is in reserve stored in a different suitcase or with your companion.
  • The last copy is given to a family member or good friend.


Included in these copies of documents should be copies of the first page of your passport as well as copies of the required visas.


To help prepare for your trip, prepare a list of the personal items you will need for the trip including clothes, medications etc.

  • It is important that your family is aware of your travel arrangements by informing them about the details of the trip.
  • Give the details of your travel agent and tour operator/s to a trusted family member including their phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Include the addresses and contact details of all accommodation venues.
  • Produce a list of phone numbers and email addresses of your accommodation venues for the family.
  • Produce a list of phone numbers and email addresses for your family for your use either just to report to the family on your trip or for emergency purposes.

For your information, you should keep for yourself, a list of passwords, bank accounts, credit cards and websites you might need to use while travelling. Keep them in a secure location preferably in an inner zip that no one can easily detect on your carry-on bag.

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Arrange to pay all your regular household and other expenses while you are away on your trip.

Finally, ensure that your entire documents for overseas trip is in your carry-on bag.

Once you return home from your trip, you’ll find some of the documents you have copied can be used again. So create a file for them and include your packing list of clothes and other items you will need for the next trip.


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