Breathtaking Scenery, Great Shopping, Tasty Asian Dishes, Rich Cultural Diversity and Favorable Weather Condition all year round….Malaysia is the country to visit for maximum enjoyment. You can experience all this on a cheap budget because the cost of living in Malaysia is one of the lowest in the world.

You get to enjoy diverse cultures of the Country, her rich history and delicious dishes. Malaysia is truly Asia, all that the continent has to offer is represented in this small but beautiful country. Although, English is not the official language of the country, it is still a popular form of communication. As a foreigner, everywhere you go, you will be assured of people understanding and speaking basic English which is usually one of the major frustrations of tourists all over the world.

What exactly can I do in….. /Where can I visit?…These questions come in handy whenever people want to travel, and I have decided to write about Iconic Things to do/Places to visit in Malaysia.


The World’s largest free flight walk-in Aviary is your surest plug for a joy-to-watch attraction, home to over 3000 birds of varying species. The iconic thing about this bird park is that the birds have free flight and still come back to their nests. They are so well adapted to their habitation, that they are able to breed naturally in the park. This gorgeous sight has numerous suitable nesting conducive for breeding. It is a really beautiful place to visit and you really need to include it in your bucket list. It is situated just 10 minutes away from the city center. The birds are fairly tame and are used to people, but you have to follow the do’s and don’ts of The Bird Park like… Not disturbing the birds by throwing things at them and not shouting at them. The Bird Show is a must watch, and also a good opportunity for some social media worthy selfies.


Resort World Genting is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia, to be really honest with you. The Resort comprises of so many attractions that would keep tourists entertained throughout their stay. It is sited  on top of a hill which makes the weather a bit cooler than the rest of the country. If you are on a minimum budget but still want maximum enjoyment then its perfect for you and your family. It is family-friendly, low budget hotels and great theme attractions. The Resort is equipped with 6 Hotels, Theme Parks and Entertainment Attractions, Dining and Retail Outlets, International Shows and Business Convention Facilities. The Resort is home to one of the world’s largest hotel-First World Hotel. Genting Resort World has Unique Attractions like Indoor theme park (First World Indoor Theme Park), Snow World (Artificial Snow), Video Game Park and  Cineplex (First World Cinema Complex 6118 ft above sea level with 2D AND 3D experience), Bowling Center. Its a perfect place to spend your holidays whether as a family, a couple or travelling solo.


Malaysia is ranked 4th best place to shop in the world by CNN. You can shop any designer products at Berjaya Times Square which is situated in the heart of KLCC close to Malaysia’s most Iconic Symbol, The Petronas Twin Tower , including China products with different grades of quality. The beauty of shopping in Malaysia is that you can shop all forms of Asian souvenirs because the country is home to all the cultures in Asia and you can also shop online, its very easy and you get the goods delivered to your doorstep using Cash-On-Delivery. Times Square is a shopping galore arena with so many Sales and Fashion Fairs all through the year. There are also major facilities for you to enjoy like Fine-Dining Restaurants and Food Courts, Cinema and Indoor Theme Park. You can shop books, gift items, gadgets and electronics,furniture beauty products, fashion items (Clothes, Shoes, Wallets, Watches) etc You will also get to enjoy Malaysia’s Signature dishes like Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng Ayam/Daging, Mee Goreng etc.


Legoland is Malaysia first international theme park located in Johor Bahru, 3 hours away from Kuala Lumpur City by Train. It is just across the Causeway from Singapore. The Theme Park is unique in its own way, because is majorly for Young ones (Babies,Children and Teens), the rides are tailored for them and there are safety measures to make sure the young ones are safe. Adult may not enjoy the theme parks as much as the children. Children will love the Theme decorated rooms, each of the rooms are very spacious though, a bit expensive than the average standard hotel rooms, but they have different decorations like Pirate of the Carribean, Animal Kingdom etc. There are also legos in the hotel reception where kids can play and build their favorite toys or castle. All-in-all it is a great place for family holiday and bonding.



The entrance is built in the shape of the Egyptian Pyramid, this Complex is home to eye-catching Shopping Mall, a Theme and Attractions Park, An Artificial Beach, A Mini Zoo and A Resort Hotel. You can do it all at Sunway Pyramid Resort, from shopping, to dining, to live entertainment and hotel stay. This is arguably the most popular tourist attraction in Malaysia. It is clean and tidy, really well taken care of. Spending a whole day at Sunway Pyramid sometimes might not be enough, you might be tempted to keep going back to spend more money. The Sunway hotel is a 4 star hotel boasting of quality service from room stay to dining, you are assured of maximum comfort. Some of the theme parks are named after African Countries, there is Little Africa and Lake Zimbabwe etc,.there is also a suspension bridge and the artificial beach is a cool and creative idea. The Mini Zoo is home to all the famous animals like Tiger, Lion, Elephants, Leopards, Lizards, Different species of Birds, Reptiles and a host of others.



Have a swell time visiting Malaysia, especially The Aquaria KLCC, it is the only Oceanarium in the country but its a must see. This beautiful attraction is home to over 250 different species of land and aquatic animals from Malaysia and around the world, it has a large underwater tunnel and a mini zoo. It is open daily from 10:30 am- 8:00 pm (including weekends and public holidays). It is so convenient for tourists because everything you would ever need is just around the complex, There are dining outlets, souvenir shops, covered parking space, hotels, banks, and even wheelchairs, ramps and elevator access for physically challenged. There are daily highlights in aquaria which involves feeding the fishes.

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