To ensure a smooth road trip, don’t forget to pack the following things. Nothing can be more frustrating on a journey than when you forget something very important at home, you may be lucky to buy a new one, but what if you can’t find a new one to buy?

Road Trip

1. A Map, A Compass and A GPS

A GPS or even a smartphone direction app like Waze is incredibly useful, I still think Waze is one of or if not the best direction app available, but it doesn’t always get things right, it can take you to the exact street but in some cases may miss the exact building you are going to . Me and my hubby have been disappointed a few times by Waze direction app, though its still advisable to use it because they are improving it everyday, but its better if you can use an actual map instead of direction app. This also gives you a sense of where you are on a broader scale and helps you engage with your journey, rather than following the instructions of an automaton. So, if you can read a map then make sure one is always with you. Compass is another thing older people tend to carry around which gives a sense of direction and tells you where you are in case you are lost. 

2. Car chargers

Try getting 2 car chargers in case one stops working. It is advisable to always have a brand new, tested charger in your car. If you are most likely going to be using GPS on your phone, It would drain your battery quickly, so a full battery is very essential. If you’re camping, this may also be the easiest way to ensure your phone stays charged. Get one battery charger that you can take with you if you go on a walk or for camping and one electronically plugged charger.

4. A Cooler Box

Everyone craves something cool to whet their thirst or their dry burning throat when the sun is very hot in the day. Now, how satisfying is it when you have a cold drink by your side to do your throat justice. You most likely don’t want to go on a road trip during the hot sun and be drinking something warm or hot. So, try getting a cooler box to store your cold drinks in case you need them.

5. Great playlists, Audiobooks, or Podcasts

Groovy tunes always helps you sing along and enjoy the passing moments, particularly those Classics or catchy tunes on road trip. Yet there is only so many times you can listen to songs before you begin to hate them although if you can get a USB or SD card and download as many songs as it can contain, of course they should be songs you particularly like, because you don’t want to be skipping songs throughout. Audio books can also help fill the vacuum, you can be so engaged in a story that before you know it, you’ve arrived at your destination. Also, being read to is wonderfully soothing. Podcasts cover anything and everything, so you can listen to discussions about a diverse range of issues or interests, from politics to science to entertainment.

6. Toilet Paper/ Tissues

Because when nature requires your attention, you just need to obey. You are going to really need it, you might get to use a toilet without water during your journey, so, it is essential for you to take a tissue along. Mostly, women and children are the ones who need it the most.It is also useful after eating so you can wipe your mouth and hands with it.

7. A good torch

For camping, or in case of power outages, go for a solar powered torch, or get extra batteries for non-solar powered torch. You might want to take 2 or 3 of different sizes with you. It is advisable for you to carry a torch with you every time you go out at night.

8. Firelighters

Not just for warmth or cooking purposes, but because sitting around a camping fire with friends or group is one of life’s most treasured memories. Nothing more enjoyable than sitting around a fire, staring in to the sky and reminiscing about good old times, it’s sure worth it.

9. Emergency car kit

Pack a flashlight, batteries, jumper cables in case your car refuse to start and there is no car insight to help, antifreeze, a tyre inflator, and an umbrella (because changing a flat tyre on a cold wet night is miserable enough, you don’t need to be rained on), A rain coat will be helpful too. Also have your oil, water and tyres checked before leaving.

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