Here are 4 ways to immerse yourself in a new culture that can make your visit to a host country, life changing for you. I think the best travel experiences happen when you open up and really engage with a foreign culture. Even though it is easier said than done, it never hurt to see other cultures from a different and completely new angle. I bet you would be truly dazed with how little you know about life. You can add depth to your next trip with these culture immersion activities.


You can never know what to expect in a country except you learn about that country. So try to Google the country’s culture, the latest happenings in the city and neighboring cities around you and its people at large. Try also watching their local news if you get there. Most hotels  have local channels that you can tune in to. Doing this will give you insights in to what is going on around you, in cases of local acts of terrorism, natural disasters,nearby violence that requires you to evacuate as soon as possible and local events and festivals that you may be interested in seeing.


Nothing puts a smile on the faces of the locals like when you converse with them in their own language, it’s not only funny to them but it signifies that you love and respect their culture. You can just learn their basic form of communication, like Good Morning, Good Day, Good Night, Thank you, Hello, Welcome etc. Learning to immerse yourself in a new culture is also a great way to make lifelong friends in your host country.


A key step to Immerse yourself in a new culture is by  trying their cuisines, get this world cuisine cookbook to give you an idea of what the food in your host country will taste like. If it’s something you can cook with common ingredients found in the local market in your country, then try and cook it yourself. The purpose of this is to familiarize yourself with the taste. You don’t want to visit their restaurants and start choking or making awkward faces at the table while eating. It’s rude and, totally embarrassing to your host. If you feel like you can eat any food you’ve not tried before, then don’t bother going through the stress of familiarizing yourself with their dish beforehand.


Yeah, it’s a great place to get forehand knowledge about the people and events around you when you travel. The youths are the best people to give you honest, raw tips and insights about their country. It doesn’t mean you have to disclose your identity on a faceless forum for the sake of your safety. You can just anonymously seek advice and travel tips about the city you are travelling to. There would definitely be people willing to help you.
Travelling to a new place is more than just visiting tourist attractions. Putting a smile on someone’s face and making them feel appreciated by speaking their language is more memorable, at least to them.
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